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Sztuka Fabryka

Sztuka Fabryka Archive
Kerkstraat 290
9140 Tielrode

De Decker Geert

Date founded

Approximate number of works
Sorry, this is impossible to say. I guess I have works from about 600 different persons ... it must be around 2,500 different pieces of artwork.

Approximate yearly additions
I guess about 150 pieces of artwork.

Activities in the international network, information of Art & Technology, Cyberpunk, Industrial Art & Music, surfing on the edge ... Meanwhile it has become a pure Mail-Art archive and it is the result of my correspondence with other Mail-Artists.

Organization/display methods
Records of the artists identified with their reference. Every record gives you the address of the artists institute and the storage identification of those parts of the archive where information and/or artwork of the artist/institute can be found. Storage of the artworks happens alphabetically by means of the reference. Some contributions are marked with the reference, others placed behind a fly-leaf which is marked with the references

Public access
We have no problem with public access as long as it does not undermine our private life. It is our aim to make the Archive so beautiful and important that it will stay and attract attention after the death of me ... Utopic, we will see. Soon that reorganization of the Archive is finished and we want to start to promote the Archive and make it known to the non Mail-Art public. We have a website ... in fact it is connected towards the Archive:

Approximate yearly cost
Concerning hours I think about three hours every week. Concering money is something I cannot describe, I believe about $300 U.Se every year.

Relation to larger institutions
We have no relation to larger institutions, maybe in the future our archive can become something interesting for these institutions. We will have no problem to work with them as long as the spirit of Mail-Art will not be neglected. We organize exhibitions not only in our Festival, but also in personal local exhibitions to show local people what Mail-Art is.

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
That is difficult since vve started with Mail-Art it is something so important in our life that we cannot imagine that we ever viill stop with. As it is so important for us we believe that what vve receive from others should be cared for as vve care for what we do, therefore we maintain the Archive with special care and put a lot of time in it. We think that an artist is a person who seeks for immortality. This is the reason of the Archive, bringing immortality to all the artists by taking care of their artworks.

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