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Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson Archives
c/o Richard Feigen & Co., Inc.
49 East 68th Street
New York, New York 10021

Ray Johnson

Date founded
Began accumulating material in late '50s. Bulk of material currently in estate from '70s/'80s

Approximate number of works

Approximate yearly additions

Work of New York Correspondance (sic) School

Organization/display methods
It is not. Boxes of xeroxes produced by Ray Johnson as part of NYCS envelopes/individual correspondences from/to Johnson in storage. The rest to go shortly.

Public access

Approximate yearly cost
No data on monthly rent of storage space.

Relation to larger institutions
We do donate materials to exhibitions organized by others. The Estate would like to find a large institution like the Getty to buy the papers as a whole and establish an archive of the mail art.

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
When Ray Johnson died in 1995, he left all his work - collages and all papers, personal and mail art relatedy in boxes in his house. Feigen became the caretaker of the material for his estate. Muffet Jones was hired to organize the materials, which were extensive. After three yearso the collage inventory is almsot finished. Much of the paper material was put into storage after an initial inventory.

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