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Barbara Drucker

Barbara Drucker
1132 Broadway
Santa Monica CA 90401

I have two archives from two mail art shows which I organized - "Dreams of life and Death" and "Before/Now."
"Dreams of life and Death" was exhibited at The Lving Room, an alternative exhibition space which I founded and direct, in Santa Monica, CA, from January 18 - February 1, 1997.
"Before/Now" was exhibited at Artworks/BooksArts, a gallery and artists' books store in Santa Monica, CA, from April 1 - May 1, 1999.
Both archives are now in storage in my studio. They each have about 150 participants, artists and non-artists, from around the world. The works were displayed in books with acetate pages, and are stored in the same way. For each show the maximum page size of 8.5"x11" was stated, so that the results would fit into these books. During the shows people gathered around a table and looked at/read from the various books. For the "Before/Now" show about fifty pieces were also displayed on the wall, again the pages in acetate sleeves.

Cost of maintenance
At this points none.

The collections are organized non-alphabetically in the books, the placement of each piece based on my aesthetics, i.e. what pieces looks good next to another, the feeling atmosphere and visual impact of each piece orchestrated page after page, as in any book.

Motive for maintaining the archives
I love the material sent to me - dreams and memories.

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