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Joachim Frank

Joachim Frank
278 South Manning Blvd.
Albany, New York 12208

The archive is a large collection of material from known (MUSICMASTER, John Held Jr., Ray Johnson, Guy Bleus, Bern Porter, etc.) and unknown mailartists starting in the late 70s, entirely without organization. The material was sent either to me (who has contributed a bit to mailart over the years) or to WORKSPACE, a local group that thrived here from 1976-1979, started the journal PROP (1979-1985) and then persisted mainly as a mailing address. There are good intentions here to organize the material properly and start a catalogue but as a matter of fact, I have a high-pressure academic job, unrelated to mailart or art, and lots of travelling, and it looks as though I must save this task for my retirement unless some art historian or enthusiast comes up with a better idea.
But you hint on some deeper truths in your letter. The proper form for an archive of mailart, which approached art and commerce with irreverence, might be chaotic. Requests for access to a piece might lead to an invitation to tea, and a discourse on something entirely unrelated.

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