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Luomail Luxmail

Luomail Luxmail Erotic archives/personal correspondence/mail-art archives
langvikag. 26 bst 10
6500 Wasa

J luoma

Date founded

Approximate number of works
About seven cardboard boxes

Approximate yearly additions
400-1-000? no cataloguing

All 46 aesthetic"" material, big breasted women & other mail-art worth saving
Organization/display methods:
Letters, artistic envelopes, postcards, 'zines, tapes, pictures, etc. all relevant bits well archived, alphabetically. Letters somewhat chronologically preserved. (After replying letter goes into the box), little objects in smaller boxes, pictures in albums and several folders too.

Public access
No public environment aiming to collect a good historical archive for the future generations. I have no website.

Approximate yearly cost
Maintenance is free (if not consider the rent), but postage costs are horrendous.

Relation to larger institutions
No institutions as of yet

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
Keeping a backlog of who I am/was. I recycle a lot into the Nework, but I've saved most "personal" pieces.

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