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E. M. Plunkett

Edward M. Plunkett
303 East 76th Street
New York, New York 10021

Me (Edward Plunkett)

Date founded
Can't remember, maybe thirty years ago

Approximate number of works
Maybe fifty envelopes

Approximate yearly additions
None by Ray Johnson (he's dead) but a few things come from other mail artists.

A number of envelopes from Ray Johnson with clippings & funky items in them - I keep these in two shoe boxes. I have mail art from many other mail artists.

Organization/display methods
It's not organized. They aren't displayed or archived.

Public access

Approximate yearly cost
No cost, except rent for my studio but the Ray J. things are a neglible cost.

Relation to larger institutions
Don't know. I've sold some of these envelopes to two dealers.

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