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Clemente Padin

Padin's Archive
Casilla C. Central 1211

Clemente Padin

Date founded
1971-late (1979, when I was released)

Approximate number of works
Thousands and more...

Approximate yearly additions
I don't knows many...

Mail art and experimental poetry. I do mail art, video, performances poetry, pictures.

Organization/display methods
In files: catalogs, postcards, envelopes, countries, etc.

Public access
Yes, I advertise public access with previous advertisement. I have no website.

Approximate yearly cost
Yearly $200 U.S.

Relation to larger institutions
I organize exhibitions but not with artworks from my archives

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
Because I love mail art and communication technology. Mail art emphasizes the importance of communication, rather than a mercantile product subject to the laws of the marketplace. In whatever product of communication that I choose to transmit there are the characteristics of relationships between society and me. Of course this presents the antagonisms and contradictions that these relationships present. Mail art, intended as a full expression of humanity, is distorted to the point that it can only be spoken as a historical or autonomous discourse, like an entity floating in space.

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