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Rod Summers - VEC

VEC (Visual, Experimental, Concrete & Sound Poetry Projects and Archive)
Florynruwe 520
NI-6218 CE Maastricht
The Netherlands

Rod Summers

Date founded
1973-1978. This archive was collected to be destroyed by shredding as part of a performance in the legendary "De Appel"' in Amsterdam. The archive restarted directly so the date of founding the current archive is 1978.

Approximate number of works
10,000 works is my approximation.

Approximate yearly additions
Approximate yearly additions of 200-300.

Visual, Experimental, & Concrete and sound poetry

Organization/display methods
900 audio cassettes, 1,400 books and publications 1,000 postcards, and 6 square meters of "misc." Books and publications are on a computer database. The cassettes are in a three way cross-referenced card and log system, and the rest is filed in archive boxes in date of receipt order. Cassettes are stored in system drawers and the rest is stored in numbered archive boxes.

Public access
By appointment only.

Approximate yearly cost
Nine dollars a year for boxes.

Relation to larger institutions
No relation to any other institution. I do not organize exhibitions.

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
Throwing it away would cause an environmental problem so I keep it for the lack of knowing what else to do with it

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