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Energyman Archive

Energyman Mailart Archive
39 Alexandra Road
Ipswich Suffolk IP4 2RI
United Kingdom

Michael Lumb

Date founded

Approximate number of works
No idea

Approximate yearly additions
No idea


Organization/display methods
Received mailart, whether sent to me by the originator or passed on to me as unwanted mailart, is all treated the same way. Each 'package' is inspected and then divided into the following categories:
GENERAL (includes artistamps, artistsbooks, mailart zines, audio tapes, CD-ROMs, computer disks)
MAIIARTISTS' PROJECTS (inculdes Robin Crozier's Memos, Ryosuke Cohen's Brain Cell, Chain letters)
MAIIART WRITINGS (includes books, writings on Ray Johnson)
OTHER WORK (all other received work, including envelopes etc. sorted into alphabetical order and stored in filing cabinets. There is always a residue of work waiting to be allocated a place in a filing cabinet, this is kept in cardboard boxes.)
MY RETURNED PROJECTS (includes stampsheets, Enegry Journals)
DOCUMENTATION (includes notebooks, record cards, and computer databases)

Public access
No policy, no ads, no website.

Approximate yearly cost
No idea

Relation to larger institutions

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
Truly no idea!

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