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The Administration Centre

The Administration Centre - 42.292
P.O Box 43t
3830 Wellen

The Administration Centre - 42.292 is a living archive of "communicationalism," of the postal rituals and communicative gestures of the mail-art netland. It is based on the democratic principle that "every" piece of mail (envelopes, postcards, letters...) is meaningful in the socio-cultural context of the mail-art circuit. Every artist or non-artist is treated with the same care. The idealistic purpose is to store up the entire narration of what happened by classifying "all" the results of mail-activities received from the eternal netland. But every archive will tell the true story of its own web.

The whole collections comprises original works and/or information of (plus or minus) 5,000 networkers from over 60 countries. The classification is in alphabetical order and per country. Every artist has one or more files and/or box files (if a lot of works are present). Individual numbers refer to an accurate index system, so that everything can be found easily.

Since the foundation of the Administration Centre in 1979, a lot of exhibitions with works from the archive have been realized at different places, including Gallery Ruimte Z (Antwerp), V.U.B. (Brussels), Stedelijk Museum (Tienen), P.T.T. Museum (The Hague), Postmuseum/musee (Brussels).

Attention: Don't throw it away. Problems to store your superfluous mail-art related things (old or new envelopes, postcards, documents, magazines, etc.)? Don't burn it. Send it to the Administration Centre.

Netland Archives are poetical cemeteries of memories, activities, and curiousities. In a memory of the unknown netland, they file the present for posterity.

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