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315 Route de Peney
1242 Geneve-Peney

Colette & Gunter Ruch

Date founded

Approximate number of works
Ca. 8,000 mail-works

Approximate yearly additions
Irregularly (since the nineties reducing of mail-art)

Focused on mail-art magazines & books

Organization/display methods
One room (5x5m.) filled with shelters of booklets, mags, 'zines, records, cassettes, etc. Only books & mags are numbered under countries. Mail, letters, infos are in small packets in another room.

Public access
R-Archive is private. Public interest comes through special informed people and through some Museum-archives.

Approximate yearly cost

Relation to larger institutions
Some information about mail-art which couldn't be found elsewhere are
asked by larger institutions - under others visits by archivists of the "Tate Gallery Archives" (London), "PTT-Museum" (Bern), ""No-Institute (Kassel), "J. Agius Archive" (Geneva)

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
Storing of the earlier MA-exchange during the seventies & eighties (90% are exchanged/10% are bought)

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