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The Nomad Museum

The Nomad Museum
Apartado 21256
1311 Lisbon Codex

Jose Oliveira

Date founded

Approximate number of works
About 2,000 (all sections included)

Approximate yearly additions:

Artists' Books, Artists' Editions, multiples, Fluxus, audio-art

Organization/display methods
Archived in cardboard cases, for general documenation. Special cases and/or envelopes for unique books and fragile objects. Special separated space for each one of the sections. Easy to consult. All sections numbered and identified. Special shelves for the cases.

Public access
No public access caused to absence of conditions. Irregular thematic exhibtions. Advertising only when an exhibition is about to open. No web site (so far). In any case the collection is open to anyone by appointment.

Approximate yearly cost
No idea. Mainly maintenance focused to avoid humidity, water infiltration in Winter and regular acquisition of nevv boxes and cases and files. Special care with the bloody wood vermin!

Relation to larger institutions
No particularly close relations. Irregular contacts with Tovvn Hall culture departments in the major cities. Institutions here simply don't trust and don't care about a collection like this.

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
To preserve the memory and spirit of these pieces and let a memory of what happened' for the next generations (if they really will come here!)

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