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Ethereal Open Network Archive
Via C. Battisti 339
55049 Viareggio

Vittore Baroni

Date founded
Approximately 1989, when I got enough mail to call it an archive ...

Approximate number of works
Impossible for me to count! let's say 50-100,000 is a fair guess (if a postcard or art stamp count as a work).

Approximate yearly additions
I get 5-10 mailings every day, you do the artithmetics...

Mail art in all its many branches. Also a lot of music contacts - trades for my activity as a rock journalist.

Organization/display methods
IN ORDERLY DISORDER: roughly divided into thematic and geographic areas. NO FILING SYSTEM, it's all in my head. I can find items I need with some luck. It's a very PRIVATE kind of archive. It's basically two small rooms under a roof plus also many publications and books are placed in my ground floor studio - four walls lined with books, LPs, CDs, books, magazines, catalogues in shelves, personal mail theoretically in personal-individual folders arranged geographically/alphabetically, but I am some five-ten years behind with this kind of arrangement so all "new" mail is in boxes piling up on the floor...

Public access
No, it would be too much trouble - the archive is just for personal use, but of course it's been visited and looked through by many nomad mail artists in the years.

Approximate yearly cost
I spend a lot in stamps, xerox, etc. but that's not exactly maintenance - for boxes, binders etc. I guess not more than $1500 a year, probably less.

Relation to larger institutions
No relation, but I have organized mail art shows for all kinds of big and small institutions. I do this very irregularly when the chance shows up, an average of one or two projects every year, not more.

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
Well, I don't like throwing away mail art even if I recycle a lot, probably 20-30% of what I get - I am a record collector but not anal retentive collector even at that.

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