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Soft Geometry

Soft Geometry
Grosse Witschgasse 3-5
D-50676 Koln

Geza Perneczky

Date founded
Ca. 1972

Approximate number of works
I don't knovv, ca. 5,000-10,000

Approximate yearly additions
Very different, 200-500

Artists' Netvvork. magazines, publications, catalogues. It began with mail art and other relatives. Today it is a larger alternative art archives

Organization/display methods
In archive boxes and a number of loose-leaf binders. Publication after character, alphabetical & after date, chronological, others after authors.

Public access
I published a large part of my archive in a book:
The Magazine Network, 1968-88. I am working on a newer book.

Approximate yearly cost

Relation to larger institutions

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?

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