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Art Nahpro

Art Nahpro
2 Brookside Cottaes Oxenbridge lane
Etchinghamp East Sussex NTNI9 7AA U.K.

Paul Jackson

Date founded

Approximate number of works

Approximate yearly additions

Mail art/collage/rubberstamp/pass on bookworks/collaborations

Organization/dizplay methods
Filing cabinet/cardboard boxes. Filing cabinet by artist or country of origin. Not displayed - filed away/boxed or awaiting replies.

Public access
This is my home - occasionally people come by.

Approximate yearly cost
Cost of second hand filing cabinet.

Relation to larger institutions
The Tate is yet to discover the merit of my collection.

What is your motive for maintains the archive?
I owe it to the people who have sent me stuff.
I'm not sure whether 'archive' is the word I would use - it implies something which somehow seems to go against the spirit of mail art's freely given back and forth. Archive implies that at some point there will be a monetary value attached to work which was freely given. I am not sure whether anyone can claim to 'own' the work. In some ways its beauty is its ephemeral nature - on the other hand I feel the only way to dispose of it would be to mail it on and recycle it.

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