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Henning Mittendorf

HeMi-Sphere Archive
Postfach 50 03 65
D-60 393 Frankfurt/Main

"HeMi"' Henning Mittendorf

Date founded
1980 (when I started with mail art)

Approximate number of works
Main collection ca. 100 boxes (as a rule 40 x 25 x 15 cm) plus ca. sixty files (7t 5 x 32 x 30)

Approximate yearly additions
Some hundred pieces

Mainly fine art works and media concerning fine art works (as I myself am primarily doing fine art)

Organization/display methods
Primarily the material is stored in mail boxes in a big cupboard. In the floor and in several rooms of our flat there are exhibited works of other mail artists. One part of the archive contains the documents concerning my bilateral networking contacts that don't anymore belong to my running communication. The material is sorted chronologically and then according to size of the documents. The other part of the archive contains all the documents that have to do with my personal work and media. Seldom I recycle the received mail or single mail art pieces.

Public access
One gets access by making an appointment with me. I don't have a website.

Approximate yearly cost
I have to buy all the material one needs for maintenance of the archives like mail boxes, files, envelopes, etc.

Relation to larger institutions
I have no relation to larger institutions. In the next years I will try to find an institution in Frainkfurt/Main where my archive will go finally.

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
For my "conscious"" working that needs remembering.

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